About CloudInfoStar

IT Services and Server Hosting

CloundInfoStar Story

Cloudinfostar was first established in Bangalore, India in 2021 and later expanded its presence to the Middle East.
Since then, Cloudinfostar has evolved to become the leader in Information Technology, IT services and Server Hosting to clients both local and global.

Cloudinfostar is widely known for its world-class quality of IT infrastructure and services in a long-standing practice of excellence, a strong commitment to work ethics, and customer satisfaction.

What We Do

Cloudinfostar provides clients with fully integrated IT solutions that also combine strategy, consulting, and implementation. Our IT professionals are up to date in Cloud-based technologies, modern IT platforms, and the latest software to bring you the newest technological infrastructure to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Cloudinfostar is here, and we can help you in complementing the expertise of your entire team. In all aspects, Cloudinfostar is entirely transparent, notable and guided by both experience and acquired practical technology information.