FuCloud DNS

FuCloud DNS

FuCloud DNS provides a safe and reliable DNS System management service by using a specialised resolution server to convert the domain name to the corresponding IP address. With a huge processing capacity, flexible scalability and security capabilities, FuCloud DNS provides a fast and stable domain name resolution experience for your website.


Key Features

  • Supports Multiple Record Types
  • Supports Multiple Resolution Methods
  • Secure & Stable, Real-Time Monitoring
  • Supports Multiple Custom Modes

Products Benefits

Powerful Analytic Network
With nodes all over the world, massive processing capacity, sufficient bandwidth reserve, flexible scheduling, wide-area expansion and real-time update of the IP library, FuCloud DNS intelligently resolves addresses rapidly in different regions.
Rich resolution route
FuCloud DNS achieves quick scheduling distribution of optimal routes by tapping on users’ dynamic traffic. We deploy domestic routes, right down to the specific region, province, city and even the provincial ISPs level. We also provide support for custom routes.
Robust Security
FuCloud DNS uses a self-developed high-performance DNS server program with full system protection to provide stable resolution services. Our resolution nodes are equipped with superior defence capabilities that can protect against terabit DDoS attacks and withstand up to 100 million queries per second or more.
Deployment in Seconds
FuCloud DNS is simple to operate and deploys in mere seconds. Batch operations are supported to improve domain management efficiency. The comprehensive API ensures seamless integration with your business, increasing the flexibility of the DNS configuration.
Intelligent Traffic Distribution
Using proprietary load balancing technology, FuCloud DNS maintains an efficient and stable traffic flow. Also, our efficient distribution strategy ensures that nodes are allocated on-demand optimally.
Professional Technical Support
Our experienced technical team provides 24×7 technical support, ensuring that the DNS services are stable and responses to feedback are timely.