CDN Global Acceleration

  • Static Content
  • Dynamic Network
  • Video Streaming
  • Download Distribution


Content Delivery Network
Global acceleration, intelligent dispatching, ease of use
Intelligent DNS
Safe and reliable DNS System management service, With a huge processing capacity, flexible scalability and security capabilities
Web Application Firewall
Intelligent attack identification, business security protection, seamless protection

Our Nodes

Our Advantages

DDoS Protection, CC Attack Resistance
Through intelligent detection and defence mechanisms, we can accurately distinguish attack traffic and resist malicious terabit (T-level) DDoS attacks. By use of comprehensive attack feature library, we can accurately filter and intercept concurrent accesses plus mount a stronger resistance to CC attacks.
Direct Overseas Connections to China via CN2
Cooperating in-depth with carrier ISPs, we provide several direct connections to China, giving you unparallel access speeds within China. In fact, our stable and reliable network solutions allow international enterprises to quickly expand businesses in China and help Chinese enterprises grow globally.
Support Multiple Protocols
Our solutions can be feature-customised to meet your different needs, including support for HTTP, HTTPS and TCP protocols, RTMP streaming protocol and other mainstream protocols. We also provide a one-click application process for free SSL certificate.